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We Help Injured People Maximize Their Cash Settlements. Don't settle for less than you deserve or pay those doctor's bills yourself. Have a lawyer review your claim for FREE!

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A lawyer calls quickly to discuss your case and possible next steps.

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You pay $0 to find out how much money you may be owed.


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We find the closest qualified lawyer who can help you right away.

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You don't have to hire the lawyer you speak with or file a claim.

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Accidents We Help With

Auto Accident

Hurt in an auto accident that wasn't your fault? You can get up to 3.5x more money if an advocate in our network negotiates on your behalf instead of settling directly with insurance. This service costs nothing and starts with one quick phone call.

Personal Injury

Dog bites, slip-and-fall injuries and other random accidents can trigger huge medical bills most people can't afford to pay themselves. Get the help you need to make the responsible party pay your doctor, cover unpaid time off and more here.

Workers' Compensation

Did you get hurt or sick on the job? Most states' laws require your employer to pay for your medical bills, and in some cases, give you paid time off until you fully recover from the accident. If your employer denies you these benefits, we can help.

Medical Malpractice

If your doctor, healthcare provider, hospital, or clinic makes a mistake that leads to an otherwise-avoidable injury, you may be entitled to a huge cash settlement. Insurers won't pay you this money without a lawyer, so get a free consultation here.

Birth Injury

Many avoidable birth injuries leave families both emotionally and financially devastated. If you suspect negligence played a role, we can match you with a knowledgeable, experienced attorney near you to discuss your potential claim free of charge.

Don't Wait – Act Fast to Get the Most Money You're Owed

Think the responsible party's insurance will pay your unexpected medical bills, unpaid time off and other injury-related expenses? Think again. Depending on how you got hurt, you could receive $0 without an experienced lawyer on your side. And even if you can file a claim directly with insurance, a lawyer can more than triple your final settlement amount ― and that's after you pay legal fees!

Bottom line: You pay nothing if you don't win. But if you win, you get more money for medical bills, time off work, and other costs you'd pay out of pocket without an attorney handling your case.

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