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What We Do matches injured people with experienced local attorneys for free, no-obligation claim reviews. Below is a step-by-step guide of what happens once you fill out our free, no-obligation claim evaluation.

Step 1: Answer A Few Short Questions

Your answers tell us important things like how and when your injury occurred and who or what you think is responsible. That way, we can tell whether your state’s deadline to file a claim has already passed. They can also tell us if you or your loved one’s injury or death may qualify for a cash settlement. We also need to know if you already have a lawyer representing your case. Why? Because the attorneys in our network won’t want to break the retainer agreement you already signed. It’s unethical to give legal advice on cases that already have existing attorney representation.

Step 2: Tell Us Where You Are and Which Number to Call During Business Hours

We use the ZIP code you enter to match you with an experienced nearby attorney who’s available to help you. Then, we give that same lawyer your name, phone number and email address. Your matched lawyer will call as soon as possible during regular business hours to discuss your potential case. In addition, we’ll send you an email that includes your matched attorney’s name, address, phone number, and other relevant contact info. Can’t find an email from us after submitting your evaluation online? Check your junk and spam email folders starting from the date and time you submitted your evaluation.

Step 3: Keep Your Phone Close and Answer When It Rings

This free, no-obligation phone call is necessary to determine if you may have a valid claim. Please only enter a phone number where we can reach you during normal weekday business hours. Filling out the online form or calling our toll-free number doesn’t automatically qualify you for a cash settlement. The attorney might also need to review evidence you have that supports your case before estimating how much money your claim may be worth. This phone call and in-person consultation are always free, confidential, and won’t obligate you to do anything else. If you submit an online evaluation after business hours, on weekends or federal holidays, expect your call sometime the following work week.